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Village Rudrapur, Jakhdar Road, Guptkashi-246439
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Please ensure that you have a confirmed e-pass to visit the Kedarnath temple before booking hotel room. To get pass please use this link click here

Experience a Marvel of Himalaya at Kedar Camp Resorts, Guptkashi

Kedar Camp Resorts is a Boutique Camping Resort at Guptkashi, a town on the route to Kedarnath. While it is a camping resort, it is equipped all the modern amenities required by a weary traveller. 

This resort is the gateway to visitors who intend to discover themselves either through means of an external faith or through internal discovery.

The resort has the prominent of Hindu temples in its vicinity. Kedarnath is around 40 kilometres, Tungnath is just a two hours drive, Kartik Swamy is just 50 Kilometres away. In fact a stay at this resort will provide a confirmed viewing of the Kedarnath diety as it resides in the Ukhimath temple during the period when Kedarnath's doors are shut for winters. So come here to discover your spiritual self.

Our resort has a beautiful Yoga room, open spaces both inside and outside the resort for you to spend time with oneself, meditate and dwell in your own thoughts, without being disturbed by anything other than nature. You will see the beautiful peaks of Kedarnath and Chaukhamba, while close to a 30 varieties of birds enjoy the flora inside the resort. The place provides all the reasons for you to find a meaningful purpose to your life.


Tented Rooms Kedar Camp Resorts

Our Tented Rooms bring you an absolute pleasure of comfort with plush interiors and amenities. Our rooms are equipped with hot water and laundry service. These rooms bring you the perfect blend of experience of camping and homely comfort.


Cottage View Kedar Camp Resorts

The Cottage Rooms at Kedar Camp Resorts, are built with bricks and wooden floor and gives a premium experience of stay. These rooms are furnished with plush interiors and twin beds and our incredible amenities.


The scenic and magnificent gaze at the Himalayan ranges is the beauty of the entire experience of the stay at Kedar Camp Resorts, Guptkashi. The marvellous sight of the Himalayan peaks kissing the clouds is a truly magical sight. Enjoy these marvels of Himalaya with Kedar Camp Resorts, Guptkashi.


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